Holiday Challenge

Join the holiday challenge now! Stay lean and healthy while enjoying the holidays even more! Also, we will have weekly winners and grand prize winners at the end of the challenge. You could win a turkey or desserts from Harmons or win a $50 or $100 give certificate!

It is never too late to join! Click the “Register” button.

Making Healthy Choices

  • Eat before the big meal. Don’t think you’ll keep your calories down by starving all day before you feast. Eat healthy, low- density foods, like soup or vegetables, prior to the big meal. (Click here to see a food density chart)
  • Eat veggies first. For those holiday meals, enjoy those extra treats. But as you put together your plate, pile on the veggies and fruits first. Leave less room on your plate—and in your stomach—for the high-fat, high-sugar items.
  • Savor each bite. Challenge yourself to taste each bite of food and immerse yourself in the flavors. You will slow down your eating, enjoy your food more, and more likely eat less. Put your fork down between bites. Take a moment to engage in conversation before you take that next bite. Your stomach will have time to register being full before you go for those extra helpings.


  1. Get out of the chair. One of the worst things we can do for our health is to sit for more than an hour at a time without moving. Even if you are watching the game or socializing, stand up and walk around for at least three minutes every hour.
  2. Plan a family active activity. Anything that gets you socializing and moving will elevate your mood and your heart rate, such as a family walk, a touch football game, or frisbee throwing.
  3. Keep up your exercise routine. It is more difficult to stick to your regular exercise schedule during the holidays, but with a little pre-planning, you will be able to fit it into your schedule and give yourself a needed “me-time” break from the family.

Enhance Relationships.

  1. Repair relationships. Are you holding a grudge? Are your feelings hurt? Get over it, and take the initiative to get past the past. Reach out with love, forgiveness, and acceptance. Never let pride or hurt feelings waste the joy of a relationship.
  2. Express gratitude. Research shows that gratitude actually rewires the brain. Find a chance to express appreciation to those who are important to you; make it personal and genuine. Get ready to see your relationships—and your life— improve.
  3. Take a break. Even though you love your family and friends and want to be near them, take a break if you are feeling socially exhausted. Catch a quick nap or sneak away for a few minutes to do some deep breathing. Soon, you’ll be ready for your next round.